Ranchan Pool Recreation Park

Near to Serian we stop at the Ranchan Pool Recreation Park. Actually it is lunch time, but due to the fact we had plenty to eat on the last two days we pass the next meal. Instead we browse around the park-restaurants and walk to the near Ranchan Pool.

Pool of Ranchan Recreation Park
Ranchan Pool Recreation Park

Contrary to the strictly secured habitats in the Bako National Park or at the Kinabalu it’s allowed to swash extensively here. So we were watching a few children and teenagers romping in the water. The way down into the basin is a bit difficult, but the setting with the near waterfalls, the rocks, orchids, pitcher plants, palms and the high trees is a perfect dream.

Ranchan Pool Recreation Park
Lars on the suspension bridge in Ranchan Pool Recreation Park
pitcher plant

On the left side of the pool we come to the upper end of the waterfall. Also here is active drive; pupils run over bridges, young couples use the nature as a background for a couple of memory photos. A few meters further uphill it gets considerable more quiet. That’s because an overturned tree-trunk hangs over the way, therefore it’s (primarily with a Rucksack on the back) very hard to come further over or under this. On the other side a beautiful path, witch leads us in a bend through the rainforest to a suspension bridge, expects us.

Orchid in Sarawak
View from the suspension bridge over the bassin below the waterfall
Bridge over one of the waterfalls in Ranchan Pool Recreation Park

Arrived by the suspension bridge, we are in approx. 25 meters over the water. Even if I had to force myself already in Selvatura on considerably higher suspension bridges, I still have a strange feeling, if between me and the ground (or water) is so much air. However, the view of the suspension bridge is super, particularly when a boy daringly jumps of one of the rocks into the water. Wow, you really should know how much hold the rocks give.

Land under in Sarawak / Borneo
In Borneo, many people build their houses on stilts - they know why.

Arriving safely on the other side, we have enough time left to watch the butterflies before it’s going on to Kuching. On the way we see why most of the houses are built on stilts. Many of them stand midway through water. Other ones, that increased the compound, stick out like islands in the flooded terrain. And others again are probably going to protect their next huts better from flood waters after this flood.

Video Ranchan Pool Recreation Park Borneo

Eindrücke vom Ranchan Pool Recreation Park nahe Serian im Staat Sarawak auf Borneo.