Borneo travelogue

Kinabalu on Borneo

Who travels to Borneo to experience the rain forest should adjust oneself to plenty of water. This applies particularly during the monsoon. So we got a bunch of times correctly watered during our two-week journey through the provinces Sarawak and Sabah. Nevertheless we were able to gain as yet some unique experiences during our trips to the Ibans at the Lemanak River and in the Bako Nationalpark.

After our continuation from Sawak to Sabah we were rewarded during the climb on the Kinabalu with a starry night. Onto one day rest at the Isle Pulau Tiga we spent the last days of our journey in the east of Sabah. The first drive brought us from Sandakan to the orang-utan reservation near to Sepilok. Subsequently we could even watch orang-utans living in the wild and a flock of Borneo-Elephants at the Kinabatangan River. Thereby this vacations was indeed the wettest but on the same time one of those that endowed us abundantly new experiences.

Proboscis monkeys in Bako National Park
Pitcher plants in Borneo